Mercury Insurance Group

Mercury Insurance Group is one of several insurance providers represented by Hometown Insurance Partners. They pride themselves on being able to offer competitive rates along with excellent customer service. They have been protecting families for over 45 years and they understand the importance of having an insurance agent who will take the time to understand your needs, so that you are given a policy that best fits your needs.

Mercury understands that accidents can occur even with the safest of drivers. Therefore, Mercury offers many different levels of auto insurance coverage in The Woodlands, TX. This includes liability coverage, coverage for collision, comprehensive coverage, coverage for medical bills that were a result of the accident, personal injury protection, and coverage against uninsured motorists.

There are many discounts available for individuals seeking auto insurance with Mercury. Many insurance companies may not be so eager to volunteer information pertaining to discounts, but the agents at Mercury won’t hesitate to do so. Your agent will work hard to pinpoint any discounts that you qualify for. Some of the most common factors that lead to discounts include: adding multiple vehicles to the insurance policy, having a satisfactory driving record, and making good grades.

Mercury also provides a wide variety of home insurance policies. If you are looking for homeowners insurance, it is important to have a dedicated insurance agent on your side, who will provide you with valuable information that will help you choose the policy that is right for your specific situation. With so many options and add-ons to choose from, it is easy to become overwhelmed, but an experienced Mercury insurance agent will happily assist you throughout the process. Mercury Insurance group also offers a discount to individuals who sign up for both an auto and home insurance policy.

The available home insurance coverage options include but are not limited to: medical protection for guests who are injured at your home, coverage for damage done to your home by storms and fire, and coverage for items in the home lost due to theft.

Hometown Insurance Partners is an independent insurance agency that represents insurance carriers like Mercury Insurance Group who have been carefully selected for their ability to provide top notch insurance coverage, great customer service, and affordable rates.