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Woodlands Insurance Services

Hometown Insurance Partners has been in the insurance business, by owner Troy Johnson, for the past 24 years, and because Troy Johnson knows all the ins and outs of the business, he can find the “right fit” for anyone. Some shoppers may just want the lowest rate possible with little concern about the type of coverage offered. This is where Troy Johnson steps in. He knows that someone may be paying less for their Woodlands insurance services but may end up finding the type of coverage they were expecting, is not there when they need it most. Hometown Insurance Partners is connected to many different insurance providers, which allows Troy the freedom to find the best rate with the best coverage (what we call a “right fit”) for each and every person.

Different avenues of life call for different types of coverage, at different times. When a teenager just begins to drive, we all know that the rate is much higher as compared to a seasoned adult. On the opposite side of the coin, life insurance may not be a high priority for a teenager, but will be for a senior. The same insurance policy that began as a young adult will need to be reviewed and adjusted as an adult. When there was once just one person, there may now be a spouse, with children. When different modes of life happen, Hometown Insurance Partners will be there to see that the insurance is the “right fit”.


Spring Insurance Agency

Hometown Insurance Partners is committed to providing comprehensive and reliable insurance policies spanning auto, home, life, and recreational to clients across Texas. As a full-service insurance agency, we are a leading provider of personalized insurance service and we make sure your policy is personally tailored for you.

We understand how hard you’ve worked to build a comfortable lifestyle for you and your family, and we will work just as hard to help you protect it. At Hometown Insurance Partners our mission is to match you with the insurance package that caters to you and the lifestyle you’ve built. We are well versed on all aspects of Texas insurance and our coverage possibilities are extensive.

At Hometown Insurance Partners we take the time to thoroughly evaluate your insurance needs so that your assets are insured at the most competitive rates. Whether you’re in need of reliable auto insurance, dependable life insurance, or trustworthy home insurance, we have you covered. We offer all of the skill and expertise you would expect from a client-focused, community-driven Spring insurance agency. We believe everyone and every policy is unique and we are dedicated to finding the perfect one for you.

We deliver extraordinary service because we take the time to get to know our clients. We provide a full line of insurance services and related products to all our clients, in a friendly, professional manner. Our approach to doing business is founded on integrity, service, excellence, and commitment, and our goal is to do our research and use our greatest resources to meet your specific needs. In order to provide you with the most value for your insurance dollars, we shop around and compare prices and services. Today we can serve you better than ever, with various options offered through companies such as Progressive, MetLife, Travelers, Mercury Insurance group, Encompass, and many others.