Are You Fully Covered?

Everyone has a unique set of needs when it comes to homeowners insurances. Finding a policy that meets your coverage and price demands can be challenging. By learning to compare policies based on factors such as cost, legal restrictions, and the company’s ability to address your coverage concerns, sorting through the many different policies and selecting the perfect one for you can be made a little easier.

It is important to understand all the things home insurance can protect against. The most overlooked and unknown aspect of home insurance is personal liability coverage. Personal liability covers you legally in case someone is injured while on your property. This coverage pays for medical expenses for people who are accidentally injured on your property. For example, if a neighbor’s child is injured while playing in your home, the medical payments portion of your home insurance policy will pay for necessary medical expenses. This type of coverage also prevents lawsuits from scenarios like your dog biting someone, or the mailman slipping on a wet driveway. However, this insurance will only cover the cost of medical bills of people who are injured that are not in your immediate family.

Another type of coverage that is often overlooked is flood insurance. An insurance company does not typically provide it unless you purchase a premium policy. Insuring your home against flood damage is especially important if it is located on a flood plain.

Decide on how much coverage you desire or need for your home. Many people will pay more on home insurance than their home is actually worth over a period of time. In the event that your home is old or of low value, it is often advisable to consider a limited insurance policy that protects you from high-cost risks that you can’t control which aren’t directly related to the value of the home. Some examples might include your personal possessions inside the home, personal liability, and fire caused by lightning.

Because of the variety of different types of insurance policies, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the ins and outs of home insurance. You may be unknowingly paying to have things included in your policy that you don’t necessarily need, while leaving out some of the things you do. So before you purchase or modify your plan, do your research.