Car Insurance In Texas Goes Electronic

In Texas, drivers now have the ability to access their insurance cards online using hand held devices. These hand held devices can now be used to legally show proof of insurance to police officers.

In a program called TexasSure, car insurance companies in Texas are now required to upload their information on a secure website that will allow insurance holders to quickly access their auto insurance information. This will eliminate the need for paper copies of insurance information, and will make the relationship between insurance companies and consumers an overall simpler and smoother process.

Often times, individuals will forget to put the paper version of their insurance card in their car or wallet. However, it is a rare occasion when an individual is traveling without their cell phone. By having the ability to display their proof of insurance using an electronic device, individuals will be less likely to be fined or ticketed for not having proof of insurance.

This will also be helpful in the event of a car accident. Drivers can exchange insurance information quickly, without having to go into the glove compartment of a wrecked vehicle to retrieve their paper insurance card.

Not only will the program benefit the consumer, it will benefit insurance companies and law enforcement as well. In the past, it was common for individuals to sign up for insurance, only to cancel the coverage plan soon after receiving their insurance cards. This would sometimes make it difficult for law enforcement to determine who had legitimate insurance and who didn’t.