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Woodlands Insurance Services

Hometown Insurance Partners has been in the insurance business, by owner Troy Johnson, for the past 24 years, and because Troy Johnson knows all the ins and outs of the business, he can find the “right fit” for anyone. Some shoppers may just want the lowest rate possible with little concern about the type of coverage offered. This is where Troy Johnson steps in. He knows that someone may be paying less for their Woodlands insurance services but may end up finding the type of coverage they were expecting, is not there when they need it most. Hometown Insurance Partners is connected to many different insurance providers, which allows Troy the freedom to find the best rate with the best coverage (what we call a “right fit”) for each and every person.

Different avenues of life call for different types of coverage, at different times. When a teenager just begins to drive, we all know that the rate is much higher as compared to a seasoned adult. On the opposite side of the coin, life insurance may not be a high priority for a teenager, but will be for a senior. The same insurance policy that began as a young adult will need to be reviewed and adjusted as an adult. When there was once just one person, there may now be a spouse, with children. When different modes of life happen, Hometown Insurance Partners will be there to see that the insurance is the “right fit”.


Keep Your Life Insurance Policy From Lapsing

Sometimes bills get lost or misplaced and next thing you know, you have missed a payment. When it comes to life insurance it’s extra important not to miss payments, because if you do your policy could lapse.

A lapsed life insurance policy means that your beneficiaries are no longer entitled to the death benefits outlined in the policy. Without a life insurance policy, you may be leaving your loved ones open to financial struggles once you pass away.

If you are a little late on one payment, don’t stress too much, as most life insurance companies have a 30 to 31 day grace period. This allows you to be late on your premium payment without disruption to your policy. However, if your payment is later than 31 days or doesn’t come at all, you could lose the policy entirely.

If you’d like to keep the same policy but it has lapsed, you typically have to contact the life insurance company and apply for reinstatement. If your health has changed in any way since you purchased the life insurance policy, you must indicate this information and your premium rates could go up or you could be denied coverage completely. If you have a high-risk condition or disease, it’s extremely important to not let your policy lapse, because you are not guaranteed coverage once it’s gone.

It’s important to make sure you are purchasing a policy you can afford. Don’t let the life insurance rates be a bill that you struggle to pay each month or year. Use a life insurance calculator to determine exactly how much coverage you need, and purchase only that amount.

Once your life insurance policy is purchased and it’s time to start making premium payments, select a payment schedule you are comfortable with. You can typically make payments annually or monthly. Many life insurance companies also offer auto-pay options, so that the payment comes out of your account automatically. If you often miss payment deadlines, an auto-pay schedule may be the right choice for you.

Do your best to stay organized and keep all your life insurance information in one place or folder. Being aware of what is expected of you and when payments are due will help you avoid a lapsed policy in the long run.


Troy Johnson Allstate

Troy Johnson has been in the insurance business for over 25 years. After graduating from the University of Texas in 1989 with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Economics and Business, Troy began his insurance career with State Farm. With State Farm, he handled property and casualty claims, and served as an attorney negotiator and settlement facilitator. In 1997, Troy Johnson joined Allstate, where he was an exclusive agent for Allstate Insurance in The Woodlands, TX, focusing on property and casualty, life, and financial services.

In December 2012, Troy started Hometown Insurance Partners, an independent insurance agency, in order to provide more choices to the local customer base. Hometown Insurance Partners has direct contracts with over 50 platinum carriers, allowing them to meet a wider range of customer needs. He understands that not every company Hometown Insurance Partners represents offers the right package for every client, so he prides himself on finding the best companies with the best insurance policies.

Troy is an expert in home, auto, recreational, and life insurance. In his free time he can be found traveling with his wife, hunting, fishing, and playing golf.